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The purpose of the Institute

The purpose of the Institute of Constructal Infonomics is to create an interdisciplinary bridge between thermodynamic physics and the world of information, based on the new Constructal Theory of Information articulated by Mr. Heyer. In particular, the CTI provides a physics basis for analyzing the rapid evolution of new species of information using life forms (AI) and evaluating their likely course of evolution. The complete CTI will be presented in May 2017 a the Constructal Law Conference 2017 in Bucharest, Romania.

The Constructal Law
The constructal law was stated by Adrian Bejan in 1996 as follows: "For a finite-size system to persist in time (to live), it must evolve in such a way that it provides easier access to the imposed currents that flow through it." For more information, visit

The study of how humans use and value information was proposed in the 1990s by Mark Heyer to analyze interactive media and information systems. The definition of Infonomics has now grown to represent the informational intersection between human and technical life forms in all areas of their mutual development.

Constructal Infonomics

The study of the use and value of information in human society is called Infonomics. Human use of information, plays, conversation, music, art and writing, has evolved into a highly interactive global communication and knowledge network linking people to people, people to information sources and people to info-machines. The rapid evolution of AI is putting the human relationship with information machines under a bright spotlight.

The tenets of the Constructal Law (CL) are that all systems of flows will evolve to facilitate the flows through them, to increase access to currents, or to maximize the efficiency of flows through them. When applied to infonomics, the evolution of information systems can be studied on the same basis as the physical systems with which they interact. For example, the evolution and efficiency of the information flows of marketing and advertising can be directly linked to the physical flows of buying and selling merchandise, the physical measure of which is greater movement on earth.  This is the study of constructal infonomics.

This web site is dedicated to furthering the understanding of the connection between the physics of the natural world and the world of human information systems, including the evolution and the process of adaptation to new man-machine life forms.

Mark Heyer
Sept. 2016