Mark Heyer
Founder and President
Institute for Constructal Infonomics

National Market Development Manager for Interactive Products, Sony Corp. 1983

Mark Heyer began his career pioneering development of computer-controlled human-interactive information and media systems in the 1970s. As an industry leader in the 1980s he developed a theoretical and philosophical understanding of this new technology and how it worked for people. In 1986, he articulated the principle of information equivalence, linking information with physics and speculated about a unified theory of information. In the 1990s he established the concept of Infonomics, the study of how people use and value information.

His career practice centered on early adopter strategies for the development, introduction and proliferation of new information technologies and methods. See User Push vs Market Pull - A business case for infonomic analysis using the Constructal Law

With a life-long interest in interactive information, Mr. Heyer has designed, engineered, built and collaborated on hundreds of pioneering interactive information systems. He has been a popular speaker, lecturer and adjunct professor in the fields of multimedia, infonomics and information physics.

He has co-founded and/or participated in a number of startup companies, including the successful Silicon Valley World Internet Center in 1998, billed as a collaboration laboratory, think tank and showcase for Internet invention. He is returning to work started in the 1980s on the intersection of physics and information - a Constructal Theory of Information, that unifies all information-using life forms, at all scales and all mechanisms of operation.

In 2011, Mr. Heyer discovered the Constructal Law through Adrian Bejan's first popular book, Design in Nature. The Constructal Law is the "missing link" in Heyer's previous explorations of information as thermodynamics. With this new principle in hand, the door opens for formulation of the Constructal Theory of Information and establishment of the Institute of Constructal Infonomics as a research vehicle.