The Age of Connectivism – Chapter One

2017, the tenth anniversary of the iPhone introduction is a fitting place to take stock of the global revolution that it created.

You can read my first article on  Age of Connectivism.

The iPhone was the first mobile device to successfully incorporate all three information gathering modes: Grazing, browsing and hunting

In ten short years, the introduction of modern iPhone/smartphone technology has sparked the fastest and most pervasive social transformation in the history of the human race. Already close to half the world’s population is using smartphones. Mobile computing apps are creating vast human value and transforming the way we live and communicate.

This proposed series of articles will delve into the what, why and how of connectivism – what it is, how it works for people and why should we be excited or concerned about the direction of this evolution.

Some article subjects include:

Goodby consumerism, hello connectivism

The end of nation states

Wealth and energy in the age of connectivism

Measuring connectivism

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